22 October 2005

A Fun Litmus Test

I found an article this morning that lists a few criteria for neoconservatives. Just for kicks, I thought I'd copy and paste it here, and provide my own views....

Anti-communism -- Yes
Skepticism about the efficacy of international institutions -- Yes
A preoccupation with the concept of the “political” as producing unending conflict -- Sometimes
An endorsement of “natural right”--the notion that justice should be based on nature rather than convention--as the foundation for domestic institutions -- Not sure
The belief that “virtue,” as well as self-interest, matters in political life -- Yes
A repugnance toward the relativism in modern liberal society -- Yes
A marked skepticism about the potential for the physical and social sciences to fundamentally ameliorate the human condition -- Not sure, but it sounds good
A pronounced anti-egalitarian stance -- I'm not sure how pronounced, but yes.
And a deep wariness about utopian political projects -- Yes

Hmmm, well how about that, it looks like I'm a neoconservative.

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