17 April 2009

Think Big, Says Our Big Thinker

This is the type of thing that makes me proud to be a liberal and a Liberal. We dream big, we think big, we think about the things that unite and bond us as Canadians, and we're not afraid to "go there" and muse about things that can further unite and bind us. This is why I've long supported Michael Ignatieff and believed that he would be an excellent leader of the Liberal Party and a great Prime Minister of Canada.

Michael Ignatieff has 'big' vision for Canada

Compare and contrast the ideas discussed here with building firewalls around Alberta, decentralizing political power in Canada, and the belief that all government should do to help people is kill off Toronto's Canada Goose population and feed them to the poor.

02 April 2009

A Tipping Point

Like many, I am outraged upon reading the news that Afghanistan is in the process of passing a law that legalizes rape within marriage. The legislation is vile and repugnant on many levels. It is an affront to human dignity. It makes a mockery out of the idea that the future of Afghanistan could be one of a hopeful democracy that included equality for women. It spits in the face of every country that has participated in the country's reconstruction and rehabilitation from the days of the Taliban regime. It calls into question the most central reasoning for Canada's presence there. I have long said that Afghanistan is worth fighting for, because I believe that everybody, everywhere, is entitled to those basic rights of life, liberty, equality, and the security of the person. That we have fought and seen our young men die trying to keep the Taliban--a regime that was the most repressive of women's rights anywhere in the world--out of power, only to see the government of Karzai impose the same repression on women...it is disheartening beyond words.