19 February 2008

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Good riddance





Josh said...

I'm actually glad Toshiba dropped out, I still have a sense of appreciation for Sony after the Beta-Max. If I'm not mistaken Sony did not want to allow production of pornographic tapes and that is why VHS ended up gaining more popularity and it was also an inferior machine to begin with. I do not know where Sony stands these days though.

That's an interesting article on Tom Cochrane too, the poster was dead on.

RGM said...

I'd imagine that Sony's position has changed somewhat since those days. I do recall reading at some point that porn distributors are a little anxious about DVD going to the next generation, because they're worried that the picture quality will show viewers the "flaws" of the women's bodies they're consuming and find them less appealing. I suppose if that's what it takes to make demand decrease, it can't be a bad thing. It does go to show that even the porn distributors are aware of how shallow porn consumers are, though.