28 March 2008

Very Poor Word Choice

"The statement directly attributed to me in this morning's La Presse is entirely false. I was in Montreal to raise funds to repay my leadership debt. I have worked tirelessly for our Party and our Leader and will continue to work with our strong Liberal team to ensure we win the next election. No one has the right to call my loyalty into question."
- Michael Ignatieff

I like Michael Ignatieff, despite accusing Israel of war crimes a couple summers ago. He remains among the brightest of the bright lights of liberal internationalism, even though he spends far too little time doing that sort of thing these days. But this, whoa. Every single person in this country has a right to question his loyalty to the leader of his party. They may not be credible, they may be flat-out wrong, but they still have a right to say such things. The Charter told me so. As long as people aren't calling his loyalty into question by doing so in a very defamatory or libelous manner, they've certainly got a right to wonder aloud whether or not Ignatieff is trying to pull a coup.

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