26 September 2008

Election 2008: Day 20

It is now the back half of the election campaign, and we are beginning to see the finish line. Depending on where you stand, it's either a great view or a catastrophic view, the proverbial freight train coming towards you when you thought you saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It is apparent that not only is there a strong possibility the Conservatives be re-elected, they may well do so with a majority. Nanos has them at 40% right now, with a 15-point lead over the Liberals. Dion is having to circle the wagons as he's increasingly coming under fire from within his own party ranks, bearing down to protect what the Liberals already hold while the knives start to come out. He will likely, depending on the severity of the defeat, be replaced, the third leadership change since December 2003. There will be no clemency as the Liberals realize they made a tremendous mistake going with the compromise candidate that had less than 1-in-5 support heading into their last leadership convention. Dion is a good man but he has simply been over his head in this position. He was a solid Cabinet minister for Chretien, deftly handling one of the most hot topics of the time. But since he made his own "green shift" and embraced environmental politics as his mantra, he has slipped greatly because Canadians are simply not willing to put their money where their mouths are on this issue.
Is there a chance of a Phoenix-like resurrection? Of course. With a little more than 2 weeks left in this campaign and the Tories still making gaffes as much a part of their routine as a prime-time ad spot, the opportunity to reverse fortunes is still an open window. But it is going to take something major for the Liberals to turn the tide, and that's going to be difficult since they've already released their full election campaign platform (remember when the Red Book was a seminal event?) and the Tories have not. Their cards are all on the table, and when you're all-in with low cards, you need a miracle from the dealer to save you.


SUSIE said...

ok, so by reading your posts...
it just seems apparent that conservatives are going to win the election.

the thing for me though is that i just cant follow these damn politics to save my life.
and im kind of thinking of not even voting (besides if i dont find my voter card i cant)
the reason why is..
i dont know a whole lot of what the parties are promsing.
and for once i want a vote to count cause last time i really didnt know what the hell i was voting for.
so this time around i want this vote to count as being a canadian citizen.
but i just dont know who to vote for.

RGM said...

Well young sister here is my advice: first, get in touch with Elections Canada on the phone. Go to the website and get the number so that they send you a voter card. They probably have an old address on file (if any at all) so it hasn't been sent to you. Next, do a little research. Try not to let the TV influence you too much, because it's fast becoming the bottom of the barrel when it comes to reporting on Canadian politics. Ridiculous caricatures and soundbites are all we see out of speeches that go over half an hour, policies are distilled to the lowest common denominator, etc. Check the parties' websites to see what they're saying they'll do: liberal.ca, conservative.ca, ndp.ca They've got all the info without the propaganda; well, maybe a little propaganda.

And if worse comes to worse, just give me a call and I'll go over what I can with you.

Suz said...

well i found my voter card and put it on the fridge.

and i guess in order to get a better insight of the parties i will have to check their websites.
so i gather you are still voting for conservative.

oh and by the waay..
on oct 29 there is a general meeting at the RCMP station for those that are interested in signing up.
what do you think? :)

RGM said...

Decent, you gonna go to that? You should go.