16 March 2009

Don't Worry, Mr. Harper, We Won't

Last week, in a speech closed off to the media and delivered to his core crowd of supporters, Stephen Harper told his friends to not "forget that Conservatives being in power has made an enormous difference."

It is a message that I'm sure many of his opponents take to heart as well. Let's look at how some things in this country have changed thanks to the time that Stephen Harper and his coterie have been in power.

In 2005, the Paul Martin Liberals ran a budgetary surplus forecasted to be in the neighbourhood of $4B, which turned out to be $13B.
In 2009, the Stephen Harper Conservatives announced that the federal deficit over the next five years will be $85B.
***Update: the Globe and Mail reports that there will be an additional $18B in deficit over the next two years on top of what this government has already done, driving the total to over $100B over 5 years.***

In 2005, Canada's job creation levels were strong and the unemployment rate hit record lows of 6.6% in October of that year.
In 2009, forecasters are predicting that unemployment will hit 10% next year.

In 2005, the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan had the full support of the Liberal Party and were implementing a successful 3D strategy.
In 2009, Stephen Harper said that Canada and its allies will never defeat the Taliban.

In 2005, the Paul Martin Liberals passed an historic accord in Kelowna for Canada's First Nations peoples.
In 2009, Stephen Harper has left that plan in tatters.

In 2005, the Paul Martin Liberals introduced a New Deal for Cities that would give the urban powerhouses of Canada a greater role.
In 2009, Stephen Harper and his supporters regularly decry Canada's cities as Liberal havens and treat them with derision.

Don't worry, Mr. Harper, Canadians are fully aware of the difference that your party has made for this country.

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