17 April 2009

Think Big, Says Our Big Thinker

This is the type of thing that makes me proud to be a liberal and a Liberal. We dream big, we think big, we think about the things that unite and bond us as Canadians, and we're not afraid to "go there" and muse about things that can further unite and bind us. This is why I've long supported Michael Ignatieff and believed that he would be an excellent leader of the Liberal Party and a great Prime Minister of Canada.

Michael Ignatieff has 'big' vision for Canada

Compare and contrast the ideas discussed here with building firewalls around Alberta, decentralizing political power in Canada, and the belief that all government should do to help people is kill off Toronto's Canada Goose population and feed them to the poor.


Anonymous said...

Do you think that Quebec should be the only province with firewalls?

The firewall suggestion back then was for Alberta to have its own pension plan (like Quebec), collect its own taxes (like Quebec) and prevent the Feds. from meddling in provincial jurisdiction like health, education, resources, etcc. (l;ike Quebec).

If it was wrong for Alberta to muse about it is it right for Quebec?

RGM said...

That's some funny stuff. Every province collects its own taxes (come to Nova Scotia and enjoy the delightful 13% HST!), every province goes to the utmost to enforce their jurisdiction. That's not creating a firewall, that's protecting their provincial powers as defined by the Constitution! Are you serious or are you just wagging me?