20 May 2009

Halifax Pre-Season Game Announced

Two years ago we got Montreal v. Boston.

Last year we got Montreal v. Boston and Detroit v. Boston.

So what do we get this year?

Ottawa v. Florida


*more crickets*

Off the top of my head, I have a difficult time imagining a less interesting combination of teams. When you factor in that it's much earlier in training camp/pre-season than usual, this will be the B teams of Ottawa and Florida. Egads. I guess July 1st will have to be a deciding factor in whether or not to spend my money to attend this one, because neither of the current rosters are of appeal to me so it'll be up to whatever free agent signings the two teams make to push me in the direction of going.


Carrie said...

Tampa? What's wrong about seeing little St. Louis on the ice! He's intensely awesome!

RGM said...

It's not Tampa - it's Florida.