03 June 2009

Epic Fail

Get ready for a new series of Conservative ads attacking Michael Ignatieff and his Canadianness today in order for Harper & co. to avoid having to utter a single word about this:

Canada is headed for a series of shocking federal deficits that will put the federal government more than $172 billion in the hole over the next five years, the TD Bank says in a new analysis

No, indeed the Conservatives will not want to talk about how it took them a matter of 3 years to set in motion the wheels that will completely flatten and wipe out the debt repayments that took place under the leadership of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. A decade's worth of hard work and sacrifice has been undone by these incompetent fools.

But Michael Ignatieff spent 34 years outside of Canada, is an American who loves to torture terrorists in the name of propping up the Empire, only came back to Canada because he's arrogant and thus arrogantly believes he should be the Prime Minister, reads and writes books in which he says things, and prefers Coors Light over Molson Canadian.

Enjoy your tapes Mr. Harper, because soon that's all you're going to have left.


Mark McLaughlin said...

Everyone has to remember these are PROJECTIONS and are as reliable as any other best guess out there.

Drummond was off with his projection a few months ago, just like everybody else.

There is no end to the Liberal party's chicken little routine. Oh, and doesn't Don Drummond work for Iggy now? Seriously.

RGM said...

They've proven to be much more reliable and prescient than the current government, which insisted during the election campaign--and indeed used this as their key selling point as an alternative to the carbon-tax-and-spend Dion Liberals--that there would be no deficit, then that it would be a minor and short-term deficit, and constantly had to change their tune. It is not a "chicken little routine" to be thoroughly disgusted with the sad-sack fiscal management of the country by the Conservatives--in a mere 3 years they have turned billions of dollars of surplus into billions of dollars in deficit.