29 October 2009


Setting priorities in federal politics is not an easy task. Just ask Stephane Dion. Make sure to ask the question clearly or you may have to start over again. That said, is it not a little disconcerting that the federal government has spent a considerably greater amount trumpeting its own horn on the stimulus spending (yes, spending to promote spending) than it has on promoting H1N1 awareness? It seems to me that it would be a wise course of action to have Leona Aglukkaq making regular appearances to tell the good people of Canada what they should do with regards to H1N1, the appropriateness of getting the vaccine (this would include dispelling any lingering rumours), and giving Canadians an update on what preventative and reactive steps the government is taking to combat the deadly virus. Any of these items would be better than laughing at Carolyn Bennett when she asks a question about pregnant women and H1N1 during Question Period. Any of them. A quick visit to the Health Canada website reveals no updates since October 21st.

Does this strike you as being not nearly good enough? It sure does for me. It reminds a lot of a good chunk of 2007 when Condi Rice was pretty much invisible. We've got a major issue on our hands, and the minister in charge of the portfolio is not stepping up to the plate to deliver for us.

We deserve better.


C.K. said...

I totally agree. It's ridiculous, at a time when people have genuine concerns about this illness and the correct course of action for themselves and their children, that the Health Canada website hasn't had any updates in over a week and that Leona Aglukkaq is keeping such a low profile.

The heckling of Carolyn Bennett made me so angry that I had to start blogging about Sith Lord Harper again.

Where are people's outrage with this government? I've been scratching my head over this for, oh, years.

RGM said...

I think that the outrage is going to spike very soon due to the shortage of H1N1 vaccine available. People who are high-priority to receive it have been turned away, and clinics are closing in BC and Alberta. This government was late to the party and it showed up without enough of the goods to protect the people of this country.