17 June 2009


If anybody cares, I'll be going on vacation in a few days so there will be even fewer posts here than usual. Chances are you're already aware of this but two weeks in Kelowna. If any of the old university chums want to meet up, you know how to reach me via that Facebook thing.

11 June 2009

Just Saying

The NDP were elected here in Nova Scotia on Tuesday.

The sun has not shone in Halifax since.

09 June 2009

NDP Wins in Nova Scotia


Well, if nothing else, Nova Scotians are about to learn why the NDP, once elected, never gets re-elected after being booted out of office.

This British Columbian, though young during the days of Glen Clark and his merry band of misfits, remembers well what the economy was like when the NDP was finally turfed and replaced with Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals. If people here think things aren't so hot now, just wait a few years.

03 June 2009

A Familiar Face on TV

Saw this clip this morning on Canada AM featuring my old Dal colleague Chris Laroche. Not sure if he bothers to check out my little space here, but I thought it was pretty cool to see him on TV talking about North Korea and the succession to Kim Jong-Il.

Go here: http://www.ctv.ca/canadaam and click on the "Expert on North Korean succession" link on the video player.

Good job Laroche!

Epic Fail

Get ready for a new series of Conservative ads attacking Michael Ignatieff and his Canadianness today in order for Harper & co. to avoid having to utter a single word about this:

Canada is headed for a series of shocking federal deficits that will put the federal government more than $172 billion in the hole over the next five years, the TD Bank says in a new analysis

No, indeed the Conservatives will not want to talk about how it took them a matter of 3 years to set in motion the wheels that will completely flatten and wipe out the debt repayments that took place under the leadership of Jean Chretien and Paul Martin. A decade's worth of hard work and sacrifice has been undone by these incompetent fools.

But Michael Ignatieff spent 34 years outside of Canada, is an American who loves to torture terrorists in the name of propping up the Empire, only came back to Canada because he's arrogant and thus arrogantly believes he should be the Prime Minister, reads and writes books in which he says things, and prefers Coors Light over Molson Canadian.

Enjoy your tapes Mr. Harper, because soon that's all you're going to have left.

01 June 2009

Jacques Martin is the New Habs Coach

That part I might be able to deal with - after this past season, I'll take 50 "boring" wins if it can be done.

But the news of Mario Tremblay being speculated as an assistant coach?