15 July 2006

It's been a while since a Prime Minister of Canada delivered a truly rousing speech that stirs a lot of great emotion. Stephen Harper did exactly that yesterday. Read it here.


Carrie said...

Holy smokes! That was a long... But very interesting read.

I actually had no idea that we were an 'energy superpower'.
That was kind of cool to learn a bit more history of this great country of ours!

I'm not minding Harper as our Prime Minister so much anymore after reading that... :P
Very cool *thumbs up*

RGM said...

Yeah it's really something how he's turned out eh? Far from Canada becoming a Christian theocracy or any of the other pie-in-the-sky stuff said about what would happen if Harper ever became PM, he's got the good ship Canada on a pretty good course.

Jason Bo Green said...

As far as Energy Superpower goes, I just found out the most amazing thing on my blog, which floored me.

As an environmentalist, I'm fairly big on exploring nuclear power further - but, it's a non-renewable resource.

But I've learned from a commenter that Canada actually has an enormous supply of uranium, and it's not that big an issue for us. Had no idea.

RGM said...

Ah yes uranium, I recall reading somewhere along the course of things that we've got a lot of it. Just for my own edification, do you have any idea how much of it we've got, if/how much we export, and what we're doing with it in terms of R&D for future energy production?

Jason Bo Green said...

Richard, 40% of the world's uranium is deposited in Australia, it seems, but Canada is the world's largest exporter of uranium. We have a lot, but I can't say how much, or what percentage of the world's supply we own.

I don't have much clue about research for the future... although I understand thorium is thought to be the next big thing in nuclear technology.