07 July 2006

Pee-Boy Comes Forward

The young man that has become hated throughout Canada for urinating on the War Memorial on Canada Day has come forth. He's on CTV and he appears genuinely remorseful and sorrowful for what he did. He says that he doesn't remember any of it, but he accepts full responsibility for his actions, and understands and respects the outrage that people feel. While I don't like the "I was drunk, I had to go" spiel, because of its implication that drunk men lack the ability to control themselves sufficiently to find a suitable place, I have to say that it takes a lot of guts to come forward and take his lumps. So he gets a point or two for, but that still doesn't cancel out the several thousand points against him.

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MadMacs of Bytown said...

While he was giving one of his interviews saying all the right stuff, he was approached by a girl who asked for his autograph...and he gave it!