26 August 2006

My thanks go to the folks over at Atlantic Blogger for referencing my post that dealt with sexual assault, pornography, and prostitution. It was a genuine surprise and it's a nice feeling to have someone appreciate my effort to the extent that they'd put up a link to it in the midst of an important discussion on the high-profile cases of child pornography here in the Atlantic region of Canada. While it is naturally disturbing to have to go through the experience of reading about such stories, it is positive to know that there a good many good people who are just as outraged as I am about them and want to see our Government do more to protect women and children.

If anybody who happens to come to this site after visiting Atlantic Blogger wants to add to the discussion I certainly welcome your opinions. I have sent the paper to the Minister of Justice already (and have been meaning to get a .pdf of it up on this site for a while now) and am still awaiting a reply, but the dialogue is relevant and informative, and may affect future writings to other prominent politicians in government on this issue. It is not my primary forte, and I still have much to learn, so by all means levy your insights and critiques at me and we'll talk about it.


Thesis defence is on Tuesday and I'm getting myself geared up for it, re-reading the document for what feels like the twentieth time and going over my remarks to open the oral defence. I'm very excited about bringing this year-long project to a successful conclusion, and eagerly looking forward to having a book on my shelf with my name and my work on it, and of course that whole convocation thing, which is apparently going to have some family representation!!! Kiwi, you need to call or email me with some hard details one of these days. I put in a request for your tickets yesterday!

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You are most welcome. We enjoyed your post.