06 February 2007

Next Five Songs on the i-Habs-Pod

It's a good list today:

1. The Rolling Stones - Streets of Love (Live in Halifax) - ahh the memories.

2. Metallica - St. Anger (Live in Ottawa) - see what I said for #1. They were giving the song the fireworks treatment live at this point, which usually means good things for the song's staying power. Number of times played in 2006? Two. Likelihood of being played in the future? Slim.

3. The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil - great song, much better than the Guns cover (hoping this draws out the sisters).

4. Bryan Adams - Open Road - pretty much the only good song on the last album. It even got the Chevy truck commercial treatment, almost makes you wonder if BA ever had that in mind.

5. Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be (Live in Calgary) - Heavy beyond heavy. This song scares the kids, especially when they have that creepy eye thing on the video screen.


Anna Lou said...

Re: 4. Bryan Adams - Open Road
As soon as I heard the song I thought it was written for some kind of car commercial. I wasn't surprised when I later saw it on one!

Re: 5. Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be (Live in Calgary) - You're the only one that's afraid of the creepy eye thingy :P

Good songs on the i-Habs-Pod yesterday!

Carrie said...

I hate the original to Sympathy... I don't find it nearly as catchy. Perhaps that is only because I love GnR way too much.

I love Room Service. I think it's a great album.
I Was Only Dreaming is my favourite song off the album. But Open Road fricken rocks. I thought that song was great live.

RGM said...

You need to see/hear the Stones version live. It really takes on a life of its own. It may be 40 years old, but it is fantastic.