08 June 2007

Future Habs Champs!

Too bad it's not the NHL team, but the Habs of the AHL are the Calder Cup Champs for 2007. Carey Price, the goalie of the future in Montreal, was the MVP after his spectacular performance throughout the playoffs and the championship round. The Bulldogs were outshot in every game of the finals, often giving up over 40 shots, but Price stopped enough of them to allow his team to win. I was very skeptical about Montreal's decision to draft him in 2005 instead of Gilbert Brule, but I suppose that's another very good reason that I'm not the team's GM. Spectacular move, and no doubt now Price will be contending for a spot with the big club this September.

Though the Habs of 2006-07 turned out to be mediocre, the Habs of the immediate future have a lot of promise!

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