03 June 2007

Quote of the Day

Courtesy of Mark Steyn, on President Bush:

"It requires a kind of perverse genius to get damned as a right-wing madman when 90% of the time you're Tony Blair with a ranch."

Steyn, as he so often does, nails it. Conservatives all over the US are fuming over Bush's supposed "abandonment" of conservative principles. They've clearly forgotten about candidate Bush's various statements, the grand liberal strategy of democracy promotion in the Middle East, and any number of readily evident facts that highlight that Bush is not a true conservative. As I wrote in my thesis, he is a product of the zeitgeist of the Reagan years, a man imbued with immense optimism about the world and a desire to usher it along that optimal path.

Speaking of Reagan, as soon as The Reagan Diaries gets the 30% sticker at Chapter's, I'm buying it.

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