25 August 2007

The Need For Action

The gruesome headline of Wednesday's Chronicle Herald ("Woman's throat slit after sexual assault") serves as a harsh reminder of male violence against women. Each year, 6-7% of women in Canada experience male violence; over time, this results in 1 in 3 Canadian women.

It is time for action. The White Ribbon Campaign is a coalition of men and women working to end male violence against women. Through education and the promotion of understanding and respect, we urge men and women to take a stand against this violence and not remain silent when atrocities such as those committed by Michael Robicheau occur. I would encourage all concerned citizens to visit the White Ribbon Campaign website, http://www.whiteribbon.ca/ to find out how they can get involved and make their voice heard. Together, we can make a difference.
***Update*** A version of this letter appears in Saturday's edition of the Halifax Chronicle-Herald.

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