09 August 2007

White Ribbon Campaign - Halifax

Earlier in the week I became an official member of the White Ribbon Campaign, an organization of men dedicated to ending men's violence against women. I've been a supporter for some time now, and this is the logical next step.

Apparently I'm the only member in Halifax. This is where anybody who lives in Halifax and the surrounding area comes in. I'm going to be in need of assistance in getting this campaign off the ground. If you're a male who wants to raise awareness of male violence against women in an effort to curb it, please make a comment expressing your interest in doing so.

The main thrust of the WRC is around this time of year, leading up to the anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnic massacre in Montreal on December 6th. The WRC does not hold any events on that date itself, but is in full promotional mode leading up to it, handing out white ribbons and collecting pledges of support, both on paper and financially. The objective of the WRC is not to deflect or steer attention away from women's groups, but rather to serve as a male voice that challenges other men to pay attention to the problem of male-instigated violence against women and urge others to take a stand.

I will be doing regular updates on the work of the White Ribbon Campaign - Halifax effort on this blog, and I welcome the support of any men who wish to help. For more information, please visit the White Ribbon Campaign website at: http://www.whiteribbon.ca


C.K. said...

This is fantastic, Richard! I look forward to reading your updates.

RGM said...

Thanks for the nice words, CK. I started putting up campaign posters today around today, and also pulled down some posters downtown that were looking to recruit women into pornography. It's going to be a challenge, this one.

Todd Minerson said...

Congratulations and thanks for joining the global effort of men working to end violence against women Richard. Please keep us up to date, and let us know how we can support you and your work.
Todd Minerson, Executive Director
White Ribbon Campaign

RGM said...

Thank you for the nice words, Todd. I've no doubt that I'll be relying upon the assistance of my peers in this effort. Organizational work is going to be a big one, as getting something like this started is a big challenge in itself.

EngGirl said...

My name is Zhindra Gillis and I am an engineering student at Dalhousie who is organizing a ceremony for December 6th at the engineering campus on behalf of the DSU with the aid of the dalhousie women's centre and the engineering society. I would like to invite you come to the ceremony. I got your name from the people at the white ribbon campaign. If you would like more info please email me at zgillis@dal.ca