03 May 2008

The Early Obituary

I can't believe it ended like this. Too soon. But, we had a great season, with a ton of great memories. Carey's first win over Pittsburgh, THE COMEBACK, the emergence of the Kostitsyns and Plekanec and Markov and Komisarek, the maturation of Josh Gorges, so many highlight goals from Kovalev, Chris Higgins becoming a leader on this team, the rise of Carey Price to #1 and the shocking departure of the popular Cristobal Huet. I saw the team twice this season--first a pre-season game in Halifax and then the last game of the regular season against the Leafs--and I will not forget the good times. This team has helped bring my girlfriend and I even closer together, as we've spent a lot of time watching games together and collecting cards of our favourite players.
I'll let other people do the finger pointing. If, in the passion of seeing their beloved team lose, they feel the best way to let our their frustration is to blame Price or Carbo or Gainey or (inexplicably) Ryder or Saku or Kovalev or Youppi! or the usher in Section 326, that's their prerogative. I won't be participating in any of that. I have a lot of confidence and optimism regarding the future of the Montreal Canadiens. Next year, the young core of this team will be a year older and have some playoff experience under their belts, and they'll be that much better for it. The guys coming up from Hamilton will be challenging for spots. Who knows who we'll add from the free agent market.
Now and forever, Go Habs Go, and thank you for the major building blocks that were laid this season towards future success.

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