28 May 2008

Save the Lapins!

I've been reading with considerable distress the City of Kelowna's plan to cull the rabbit population that has established itself at the base of Dilworth Mountain. When we were visiting last year it was a very neat sight to see all those little bunnies hopping around, enjoying the sun, and generally not causing any trouble. Rabbits are great animals, they're fun pets (I've never owned one personally but I know a couple people who have), easy to maintain, and generally all things nice.
The plan to cull them, as described in a letter on Castanet today, sounds awfully cruel. The idea of injecting them with dry ice or gassing them stupid is pretty disgusting and I can't fathom anybody who has ever owned a pet wanting to see such a terrible thing happen to their little loved one. I'm really happy to see that there is a large movement in Kelowna to save the rabbits, and if our visit to Kelowna was a month earlier you could count on us being there for the peaceful protest on May 31st. I hope that any remaining Kelowna readers will show up to support the bunnies.

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