17 February 2009

Free Speech for the Dumb

Word today that a "group of prominent Canadian actors" *chuckle* including the guy that's apparently Canadian from Whose Line Is It Anyway?, a show I watch once in a blue moon, and someone on Degrassi: The Next Generation, a show that I have never watched, are stepping up to put pressure on the CRTC to regulate Internet content to ensure that good Canadians do their patriotic duty by watching Canadian programming online. Egads. It's not enough that we have mediocre music enforced upon us on the radio, I guess (one of a plethora of reasons I haven't listened to commercial radio in years), but now we need to follow China's lead and make sure that Canadians only watch online what they should be watching.

I believe in merit deciding what people will watch. If a program is good, I will watch it. If it is not good, I will not watch it. I do not care if the program is made in Toronto or Hollywood, I only care about its quality. CanCon is an artificial means to prop up mediocrity; it's why we've been subjected to so many truly bad artists over the years that can't get arrested in the United States. The idea of the regulation extending to the Internet is not a good one.

What would they do about this? Would they attempt to bury it like they did one of his albums? This is Canadian content, but CanCon rules would have it buried as "foreign programming."

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