08 July 2009

The Non-Cookie Eating Monster!

Uhhhh, OK.

'It's a scandal'

On any given day there are few things I find more ridiculous than religion. I find it even more ridiculous when the two co-mingle. And this one takes the wafer.

Look, I'm all for knocking on Harper for any number of reasons. Putting a stupid cookie in his pocket isn't one of them. It's a cookie. He's not not eating Jesus or drinking his blood (he only eats and drinks the blood of kittens, doncha know?) or whatever bizarre ritualistic meaning is affixed by religious types to cookies, he's simply not eating a cookie. Putting on the outrage hats and demanding answers from the PMO over this doesn't change the fact that it's a cookie.

It's stuff like this that honestly makes me wonder how people can take religion seriously. Cripes.


√Čric said...

Hey, show some respect.

It's more like a cracker, or a piece of bread.

Fresh Meat said...

From a non-religious standpoint, you're completely right.

However, there are a large percentage of people who believe in the wafer being more than a "cookie" once it is blessed. Therefore, to them its a slightly bigger deal.

Both points of view are completely acceptable, but when you're in a place of worship, it generally does well to go along with their way of seeing things if you're going to participate.

I've tried to explain it a little more on my blog:

RGM said...

Fresh Meat, you are correct about the large number of folks that think it's more than just a cookie. And to a limited extent, I can see where they're coming from. Heck, I get choked when I see people wearing Leafs jerseys at the Bell Centre. But to see this getting blown into a national scandal is absolutely absurd.