09 July 2009


There is so much to say about Saku Koivu and what he means to true Habs fans and the city of Montreal. He is taken from the mold of Beliveau: pure class, a gentleman, respected by all of his peers and even many of his enemies, somebody who transcends the game and serves as a reminder that there are some very good people out there. He did everything he could to make a winner in Montreal, and has always stood above the criticisms levelled at him by people that could never in their own wildest dreams measure up to his calibre. He will be truly missed. It will be so strange to not see #11 in a Montreal jersey next season, and equally strange to see him wearing a different sweater. Even without the Cups of the legendary leaders who came before him, Saku Koivu deserves to have his name mentioned among the all-time great Canadiens and I would not at all be surprised to see serious consideration regarding the potential retirement of that jersey. Red Fisher aptly described Saku with the nickname "Special K"; the fans of Anaheim will now get the opportunity to see how special this man is. Thank you for the memories, Saku, and good luck.

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