10 September 2009

In Alaska, Sarah Palin is Smiling

She has found her ideal running mate for 2012. Joe Wilson, congressional Republican from South Carolina, is her type of people. Two peas in a pod. They'll get the Republican base motivated even more than Bush v. Kerry did in '04, certainly much more than last year's election. McCain just isn't what a Republican wants these days. But Mrs. Palin and Mr. Wilson, that'll get them going. Wrap themselves in the flag and say anything--at any moment in time--about Obama and his policies, and they're set.

While to most educated people, Obama/Biden v. Palin/Wilson seems like a walk in the park for the former pairing, never underestimate the voting power of a motivated Republican base. It'll give the Jon Stewarts and Stephen Colberts of the world more comedic material than Bush ever did, and to many outsiders it would seem like there'd be no way in hell Americans could possibly put that latter combination in the White House, it might just happen.

Because American electoral politics are sometimes scary & funny all at once.


Curious minds said...

Why the absence of rip-roaring pro-Iggy posts?

RGM said...

Haven't been blogging much lately.