23 September 2009

Mmmm Donuts

It's late September and that means it's time for the annual gathering of world leaders at that wonderful talk shop, the United Nations. High on this year's agenda: climate change, a new dialogue between the United States and the rest of the world, and other matters of global interest. It is one of the few times every year in which we see so many heads of government convened in a single location to discuss global issues, and thus an opportunity to forge new friendships, partnerships, and consensus.

Stephen Harper is spending today in Oakville to talk about Tim Horton's with the media.

Maybe what Stephane Dion said about priorities was true all along.


C.K. said...

How the hell do we ditch this guy? He hangs on forever like a bad smell. It's making me crazy.

RGM said...

The same way we ditched the last Tory government. Throw the bums out!

C.K. said...

If only more people were interested in doing that! If anything lately their support seems to be increasing. Boggles my mind.