23 November 2005

The Hammer Comes Down

“That the House condemns the government for its arrogance in refusing to compromise with the opposition parties over the timing of the next general election and for its ‘culture of entitlement,' corruption, scandal, and gross abuse of public funds for political purposes and, consequently, the government no longer has the confidence of the House.”

That is the motion which will be introduced in Parliament tomorrow, to go to a vote of formal non-confidence in the government on Monday. This is exactly the wording that the Conservatives need to frame the initial stages of the election campaign. Whether they are able to sustain the momentum over the course of five or six weeks is entirely up to them, and they will be well-served to keep the "Gomery effect" heat on the government. I'm not sure how all of this will play out, or when the actual date of the election will be, probably either January 9th or 16th, depending on whether the parties opt for a week's break in late December for Christmas. Let the fun begin . . .

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