15 November 2005

I saw this today over at PoliticsWatch. In advance of the election they're doing previews of all the ridings in the country. My old hometown is by no means in jeopardy this time either. I thought that Vern Nielsen, the Liberal candidate from 2004, would be a shoo-in to repeat his attempt to win Kelowna, but apparently the riding association hasn't gotten their act together enough to get a nomination meeting. You would think that given an election can happen at any time (but likely won't until the new year), they would have sewn that up earlier this fall. Then again, I know the people that are in charge there.....

Kelowna Lake Country
Conservative MP Werner Schmidt is retiring, but Ronald Cannan is inheriting the Conservative stronghold. Schmidt won 48 per cent of the vote in 2004, 11,000 votes ahead of his Liberal challenger. A conservative party candidate has won the riding in 10 straight elections dating back to 1972. See you in Ottawa, Mr. Cannan.
Analysis: Conservative stronghold. You have to go back to Trudeaumania in 1968 to find the last time a Liberal won the riding.

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