30 November 2005

Nice One, Rookie

The Liberals have recruited Canada's first astronaut, Marc Garneau, to be a star candidate for them in Quebec for this election. That's fine and dandy. What's not so much is him today musing that the Liberals have taken enough of a beating from the sponsorship scandal and that it is "time to move on." Excuse me?!? This election campaign is the electorate's opportunity to pass their judgment on the Liberals for the wrongdoings in the Department of Public Works, under absolutely no circumstances is it time to move on. The politicians have had plenty of opportunity to vent their anger, frustration, etc. against the Liberals; the voters, the ones who have the ultimate means of holding this government accountable, have not. After the election is over, then and only then will it be "time to move on." For that ignorant statement alone, I hope that Garneau is defeated in his bid for office.

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