27 December 2005

The Aftermath . . .

Hard to believe that Christmas is over already. And what a Christmas it was! These are two of my favourite presents. Yes I finally got a lightsaber of my own!!! And Tasha got me this adorable kitty! There's also a jacket, a Darth Vader Pez Dispenser, a chain, and a bunch of other really great stuff! It was wonderful spending my first Christmas with my love, and I look forward to doing it again for a very long time.
In addition to the joy that is Christmas, the follow-up is equally awesome. Tasha & I are coming home for 12 days in February! I'm taking advantage of my reading break and doing what many folks did for Christmas: get away to spend some time with friends and family. It's going to be great to see everybody again, so get ready and make sure your calendar is clean to see us!!!

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