06 December 2005

"Just Reacting," eh Paul? Well here's my reaction . . .

Paul Martin has come out in defence of his separatist Quebec lieutenant's statement that the Bloc Quebecois has a "Nazi tone" to it. Unfathomable. The story is below, I will allow to read that before I continue . . .

Blaming campaign rally enthusiasm, Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe apologized Monday for saying he wanted to make the Liberals "disappear" from the Quebec scene after the federal election.
Duceppe's comments were jumped on by Lapierre, who described them as having a "Nazi" tone. "That kind of language, where you say you want to make your opponents disappear, there's a little bit of a Nazi tone in that," he said.
Prime Minister Paul Martin criticized Duceppe for the comments saying it "shows clearly the arrogance and the attitude of Mr. Duceppe.""I think this is totally unacceptable that the chief of a political party should say that Quebecers who don't share his vision of the world should disappear," he said in St. John's. "This is part of a basic philosophy that should never be forgotten."
Martin said Duceppe's comments were worse than what Lapierre said because "Mr. Duceppe planned what he said. Mr. Lapierre reacted."

Digest that for a moment, if you will. You have the Bloc leader saying that he wants to see the electoral map of Quebec painted Bloc Quebecois-bleu. He wasn't talking about Final Solutions or exterminating Liberals, but about defeating the Liberals and taking them out of the picture. I am in pretty much full agreement with Kinsella, who had this to say: What they should have been focussing on, and now are, is Jean Lapierre's willingness to liken a democratic political party to the Nazis. As Bernie notes, the comment by Paul Martin's hand-picked Quebec lieutenant demeans the experiences of people who know what real Nazis are like. That kind of demagoguery has no place in our politics. The Prime Minister of Canada should by no means be condoning that type of statement by saying it was a "reaction." How does that make it any more defensible? If someone plans to call me a dumbass and does it, does that mean its less bad for me to punch him out? Further, Duceppe wasn't saying that non-Bloc voting Quebeckers should disappear, he was saying that the Liberals as a functional representative body of the voting public would disappear in this election.

Day by day I find myself more and more disenchanted with the Liberal Party and leaning ever-so-slightly closer to voting Conservative.

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