02 October 2006

Absolutely Mortifying

This is one of the saddest things I've come across in recent months. The monster who did this deliberately targeted young girls for his murderous rampage because of a long-held hatred of women. There really are no words to describe the range of emotions I'm feeling over this. What happened in Pennsylvania is the latest instance of a murderous misogynist venting his hatred of females using violence to silence them forever. Only last week in Colorado a man burst into a high school, sexually assaulted a number of young women, and murdered one of them. In both cases, the females targeted did nothing to their attacker, but they were made to pay the price for his hatred, and that is truly sad.

I have to ask: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?


C. LaRoche said...

Just remember that the few do not represent the many. And, it should go without saying, this sort of man-vs-woman violence problem was a lot more widespread 100 years ago. The nature of news media in the modern age simply makes these instances stick out.

Unfortunately, the world will always have some modicrum of mentally unstable people, they will always be able to access guns, and they will always be able to act out sick fantasies.

Jason Bo Green said...

Not even touching this topic, here or anywhere -- just got nothig to say beyond, "I'm stunned". I feel pretty helpless, I have no ideas whatsoever how to stop this kind of thing, how to prevent the next one, how to spot dangerous people - I just don't know.

Wish I did.

RGM said...

Yeah, LaRoche, that doesn't do a whole lot to make me feel any better. I'm sure that were I around 100 years ago I'd be as heartbroken hearing such news. Every time I hear this type of story I actually feel my faith in humanity die just a little bit more. As you can imagine, the past week has been tough.

C. LaRoche said...

I suppose you have to counter-balance it by reading stories about people who are trying to do good.

To be honest, I wasn't all that surprised. There are fucked up people out there... the most any of us can do is pick up some Nietzsche and watch out for ourselves and the people we care for. And if the heat comes knocking, and you're in the wrong place at the wrong time, I suppose you just have to accept that people die, all the time, and up until now you've simply been lucky.

Oh, uh, happy Thanksgiving. :)

Jason Bo Green said...

I just read that one of the victim's family's invited the shooter's family to attend the funeral with them.

Which I think is a great idea, I think I'd want to do the same. I think it could really help both families deal with the shock and horror. I admire the sentiment of forgiveness - I hope I'd be as big. Forgiveness really can save your whole future, especially with something on so big a scale as this.

Oh, and I think I buy into this idea that the media should not publish the killer's name - that they should *not* be well known, and the victims should.