08 October 2006

Thoughts on a Mixed Sports Weekend

First, the hockey stuff: my team is looking really good after their first two games. The loss to Buffalo on Friday was very disappointing, and really highlighted one of the reasons I don't always like the shootout. After 65 minutes the Habs and the Sabres were dead-even after playing a fantastic hockey game that had great pace and tons of excitement. Nobody should have to be called a loser after a performance such as that. Of course, had they not given up a two-goal lead in the final minutes they could have avoided that problem altogether. The top line--Higgins-Koviu-Ryder--was fantastic, collecting all 4 goals and 8 points in total. Captain K was tremendous out there, and it looks like Saku has overcome yet another potentially career-debilitating injury to play at an elite level in the NHL. Fantastic.
Last night's game had less pace but no less excitement. Seeing Komi smash Tucker down was great, and I was glad to see Johnson get his first goal in a Habs uniform to tie it up in the third. The game's result is one of the reasons that I sometimes do like the shootout: the Leafs always deserve to lose, and we made sure they did, thanks to a beauty shot by Ryder and a whole bunch of goal posts. It's amazing that after 2 games they've already had 2 shootouts. Hopefully we can start winning some in regulation time. Also, the second line so far has not been productive and clearly aren't gelling well together yet. There's too much individualism on the Kovalev-Plekanec-Samsonov line, and they aren't getting things done. That will change in time, I'm sure, as you can't keep down guys with that much talent indefinitely.

While the Habs are doing well, I was sad to see the Yankees get knocked out in the first round. Outside of Jeter, the bats were just shut down and nobody could get anything going. Word going 'round is that Joe Torre may get canned for yet another early playoff exit. You can't fire the millionaire players that failed to bring it, so the coach is always the scapegoat. With the Evil Empire out, my interest in baseball has also ended for the year. I've never really forgiven the MLB for the '94 lockout, and with the Jays and the Yanks being done, I have little further incentive to watch. More time for the Habs anyways.

On a more personal level, I had to take action the other day to shore up my first and favourite team: my family. I've never had to intervene on such a direct level before on something involving inappropriate behaviour towards a family member, and I'm disappointed that it got as far as it did, but it felt good to do the big brother thing. And if nothing else, it was just a further demonstration that some men are real assholes. As if I needed further proof. Problem solved, though, and now hopefully we can all move on.

Turkey tonight!!!!

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Jason Bo Green said...

Since I don't watch sports, I've ignored this post each visit, as North Korea has it's nucular prom, and Ignatieff decides Qana was a warcrime... but I just scanned it over and found the intriguing little tale of your family dinner. Mysterious. And interesting.