31 October 2006

Because 70 cents on the dollar is NOT equality

Good. Do it. Maybe they read the SWC's latest report and didn't like this either:

Women’s earnings as a percentage of men’s
Full-year full-time workers -- 1999: 69.9%*

It may be odd that a Government which opposes Big Government is contemplating adding a new layer of regulation, but sometimes it's a Very Good Thing to have a few extra folks (and to really drive the point home, make sure that a great majority of the "enforcers" are women) around to make sure that employers aren't treating female employees like they merit 70% of what a man makes. Heaven knows I've seen a lot of guys do a fraction of the work that women do but still get paid more. I won't name names, but Anna Lou may have an idea of some examples.

Here's to hoping that they can resolve whatever internal disputes they're having and make this happen. It's long overdue.

*Yes I realize that's a figure almost 7 years old. It's the most recent available information I could find from an official source. If you've got something more current, share it. Oh yeah, check p.52 (Appendix I) of Assessing Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends 2006. There is almost no limit to the utility of this document. Why do the Tories want to cut their ability to deliver such fantastic work?

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