30 November 2006

I Am Still Alive

Eight days?! Yipes. Luckily, there is much fun to talk about today.
  • Warren is going to end up humbling and humiliating some people who seem to richly deserve it as he makes his way to Montreal. Reminds me a little bit of the guy who took the photograph of the dummy peeing on the War Memorial on Canada Day. Some folks are going to be running to the nearest TV station to do some profuse apologizing. Something about annoying frat boys at Leadership Conventions...
  • The G&M story that I had emailed myself earlier to blog about is constantly changing. It began as a tale about rallying the leftist Young Liberals to various leadership campaigns, and has now morphed into a story about fundraising. Running to the YLC is what caused me to abandon Martin, it may cause other thinking young liberals (note the distinction) to do the same with their candidates. However, the YLC, like all children, loves candy, and no doubt there is "ear candy" being handed out left, left, and more left.
  • I encourage everybody at some point in their life to read The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf. An amazing book that is further broadening my horizons when it comes to feminism, the women's movement, and the push for real equality in our society. By that same token, for shame on the Conservatives for shutting down Status of Women Canada regional offices.
  • I got a nice letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie today wishing me congratulations for getting through my graduate program. That was a nice little gesture that has really made my day. They didn't even ask for my non-existent money.
  • My Habs are doing fantastic, sitting fourth in the East and chasing the Sabres for the Northeast Division. Huet has the best save percentage and goals-against-average in the NHL, and I am thus perplexed as to why he is not even on the ballot for the All-Star Game. Boooo-urns!
  • It was Anna Lou's birthday yesterday. We had a nice, low-key evening together, very enjoyable. And then we forgot to put the cake back in the fridge. Ha! Happy birthday, m'love!

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