08 November 2006

Quick-ish One

I called the election pretty much spot on...again. With the 2 Senate races being out of reach as far as a recount goes (good luck overturning 8000 ballots), it's looking like the Democrats will take the Senate 51-49 (actually 49-49, but the two Independents have indicated they'll vote Democrat on mos issues). This isn't a particularly big call, since just about everybody said that there'd be a swing away from the Republicans. But it does keep in line with my record of calling these things.

My UBC degree showed up today, looks nice. Then Pacho took it and good luck getting it away from him.

Rumsfeld's departure was long overdue. I have a writing style and a world view that meshes well with him (an OUC colleague once said of an op-ed I wrote that "Rumsfeld would be proud" of what I'd produced), but his handling of things in Iraq and elsewhere just hasn't been up to the standard required of these times which try men's souls. Anyone who has read State of Denial, or even my summary of it, would say that a lot of the problems we're encountering today have to do with decisions he made in the past six years.

My friend BB is in considerable duress today regarding the often-times seeming futility of the efforts of feminists, radical and otherwise, to really effect change on the systemic level that is required. It's a sentiment that is often felt around these quarters, and I hope that she realizes that she wields a larger spoon than others and has made significant contributions to draining the ocean of misogyny.

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