17 November 2006

Supporting the Troops during the Holidays

I'd totally forgotten to provide those details I'd promised almost a week ago about a project I was creating to do something for the troops serving in Operation Archer in Afghanistan. And then I remembered. The project is completed, and presently there are 50 Christmas cards, some with Tim Horton's gift certificates attached (thanks to Linsday Elford for confirming for me that they are accepted), headed off to Ontario, where they will be then shipped away to Kandahar. It's not much, but I'm hoping that they brighten the day of those 50 people who won't be home during Chirstmas time because they're off serving in a just and noble mission overseas. It was six hours of my time that I consider to be well spent, and I hope that other folks out there are thinking of doing something to show their support in their own way for the fine men & women in Afghanistan.

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