02 March 2007

Dion in Halifax, But Where?

I read yesterday at the CTV website that Stephane Dion will be in Halifax today. I can't find out where or when. There's nothing about it on the Liberal website or Dion's own site (which doesn't look like it's been updated since December), and calls to Dion's office have gone unanswered. My fellow traveller, Chucker, has insisted that I try to get the 411 on this hootenany and try to attend. If anybody knows, do tell.

Now, I'm not going to do the rah-rah thing. We're an awfully long way and time from this, after all:

But I do like notion of social justice and would like to hear what Dion has to say on the matter. I hope that he's got some ideas for getting prostituted women out from under the control of pimps that go beyond making Ottawa the country's big pimp daddy. I hope he has a plan for utilizing the talents and credentials of new Canadians so that they can fulfill their dreams of a better life than their home countries may have offered. Despite his less-than-stellar performance thus far as Liberal leader, I still have a lot of respect for Dion (long-time readers all know the story) and would genuinely be interested in hearing what he's got to say on subjects that are of importance to me in my voting considerations. As long as the answer to all of the problems of social injustice isn't "Ottawa is here to help" it could be a speech well worth listening to. But where is it?!?

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