12 March 2007

In the Headlines

The grand return of News Headlines!

Canada is seeking a free trade deal with India. If this happens, it would be colossal in its impact and would have many benefits for both countries. India has the benefit of being the world's most populous democratic state, making it a natural ally and partner of Canada. Access to its rapidly developing markets will be a potential avenue to diversify our export industry, and quality Canadian goods & services will find a home in India, which is expected to have a $400 billion market by the end of the decade. India's been making a lot of strong headlines ever since it signed a nuclear pact with the United States, and this move would be a next step in its integration. I am a supporter of free trade and open markets. Canada has the capability to compete with everybody for its fair share of the market, and now is the time to expand our horizons with the major players of the 21st century.

Turns out that when people who like Michael Moore try to do a documentary about him, they end up not liking him so much at the end of the process. Can't say I blame them.

In sports, Sergei Samsonov regrets signing with the Canadiens. I think it's fair to say that the feeling is mutual. This story should pretty much confirm that the Habs will do everything in their power to move the free-agent signing bust during the off-season, either via buyout or trade. At $3.5M this season, he's made $134,615.38 per point he's notched. That's even less value for money than a sponsorship-era report.

The UN may be getting off its butt and doing something about the genocide in Darfur. Wait, no, they're just saying that the world has to protect the people and that the UN has to step up and do something. So really, they're just talking some more about it, and noticeably failing to use the word "genocide" to describe the atrocities that continue to occur within Sudan. What happened to the Responsibility to Protect? Clearly every single criteria has been met, it's well past time to stop talking and start acting.

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