05 March 2007

Sticker Sightings

Looks like someone's taking a page from CharlieGrrl's playbook...ahhh the fun. In case you have trouble making out the wording on the "Warning" stickers, they read: "Use of this product may impair your ability to relate to actual women and has also been shown to increase levels of aggression against them in laboratory experiments."


Carrie... said...

...Hmm. I don't think I quite get the instant payment one... Unless it's sitting in the window of a porn shop.

RGM said...

It's also above the video return slot...in the window of a porn shop.

There was one other one, on the window a store selling a shirt making a pun off the Home Depot: The Porn Depot. It got stickered too.

Carrie. Again. said...

The Porn Depot eh? har har. So funny.
People are retarded.
Porn is ridiculous.
And I think someone should assassinate Larry Flint because he's just a waste of perfectly good oxygen. And I'm sure the porn industry would drop considerably without him making anymore of his disgusting movies.

RGM said...

Sadly, Flynt is just a drop in the bucket these days. It's a $41 billion global industry. I don't know how much of that marketshare belongs to his empire of filth, but my guess is that it's a pretty small percentage. And no doubt he's got somebody lined up to take over after he dies. Hell, Hefner has his DAUGHTER pretty much running Playboy Enterprises these days.

Carrie said...

Fourty one billion? I wonder how much that has gone up in the last few years.
That's pretty disgusting.

I didn't even know that Hef had a daughter. And why would she want to run a business like that?! Why would anybody ((other than the fact of earning shit loads of money!))

RGM said...

It's been a pretty significant growth in the past two decades. I don't know the exact figures, but at the time The Beauty Myth came out in 1991, the author, Naomi Wolf, cited a much lower number. Definitely check out http://www.oneangrygirl.net for more info on that sort of thing, she's got a lot of stats, some of which are in her scroll-bar at the top.