12 April 2007

Oh, M. Coderre....and Ms. Black

Amazingly, Denis Coderre has been allowed on national television two days in a row. He referred to Canada's Minister of Defence as a "farce" who is a "former arms dealer" with "no credibility" to discuss matters of Canadian national security. He's denouncing the supposed "escalation" of Canada's role in Afghanistan, suggesting that Canada will be there long after our commitment until 2009 simply because we're purchasing new tanks and aircraft to haul them around in.

But even Hezbollah props aren't the most asinine thing on television today. The NDP's "Defence Critic," Dawn Black, has just likened, twice, Canadian tanks used to defeat terrorists as being on the same moral plane as the Red Army that invaded Afghanistan in 1979-80. She says that the people of Afghanistan will not be able to make the distinction between what we're doing and what they did. She also said that Canadian tanks would serve no purpose in homeland defence or in Darfur. All this emanating from a question about Josee Vernier's forthcoming appearance in Afghanistan to oversee some of the great advances made by CIDA in building Afghanistan's infrastructure.

I am thoroughly shocked and awed, folks. How do clowns like Coderre and Black get on TV to spew this drivel?

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