07 April 2007

Vimy Ridge, Canada, and Two Proud Heroes

As we mark 90 years since "Canada marched into nationhood" at Vimy Ridge, securing one of the great victories of the First World War, I would like to extend my gratitude to all those members of the Canadian Expeditionary Force and all Canadian Forces who served not only in WWI, but also all military conflicts in which Canadians have participated. I would also like to give special mention to two participants in the Great War, my great-grandfathers, Peter Bowen, who served in the PPCLI, and Samuel McAdam, who was conscripted at the young age of 22. I never knew them in life, as both passed on before I was born, but today I honour their memories. Also, an H/T to halls of macadamia for bringing to my attention that these records are available at Library and Archives Canada, and copies can be acquired at a "negligible cost." If you've got a relative that served Canada, go check it out, it's really an amazing thing to see.

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