06 July 2007

Cat Pictures

These are our new cats. The tiger-looking boy is called Orion, and the very sweet grey girl with the white face is Nebula.


Carrie! ... Who else?! said...

Can I have one? Please


I should give you a call sometime soon :)

RGM said...

I'll tell you what. When you come visit us again, you can pet them.

As for you, don't forget to watch Metallica at Live Earth today. It may be the only chance we'll get in years to see them professionally filmed on North American TV.

Carrie said...

ohhhhhh that can be so long from now, damn it!
you should just mail me the softest one jk jk jk


i hate myself for not having cable!

RGM said...

That would probably be Nebula. She has the cutest little face I've ever seen on a kitty. Orion is also great, you should see him with Pacho's yarn.