07 July 2007

Wouldn't That Mean Her Suffrage is Gone Too?

This week, as I occasionally do, I read Ann Coulter's column. If anybody ever wants to get a sense of what they do believe in, visit her site because you will either come away knowing that you're a conservative or fully assured that you are not. Me, I'm not. In this week's festival of hate she gives favourable review to a new conservative-penned tome and gives examples of just some of the many agreeable things she finds in its pages. The very first one she posted is another anti-feminist, anti-woman offering that she's become noted for. No doubt she'd find common cause with the traitors at REAL Women.

Women shouldn't vote: "What changed ... that explains the growth of government? The answer is women's suffrage."

Now I'll admit that I'm not in favour of big government running the show in all aspects of life. I'm still perplexed about Canada's waking up one morning in December 2005 and deciding that a state-funded and -run national daycare program was a top priority that deserved drowning out almost everything else for a week--even the environment. But that doesn't mean there aren't areas where I'm happy the government is calling the shots: health care and education immediately spring to mind.
What Coulter is saying--or, at least, endorsing--however, is that we should return to the bad old days of the 19th century when only white, property-owning males had the right to determine the make-up of their government. Simply astonishing. Does she forget that she's a woman, and thus her advocacy of ending women's suffrage would result in her losing her democratic rights to vote? What if the menz, once fully freed from having to deal with such cumbersome issues like educating children and protecting women from numerous forms of male violence, decided to go one further and start stripping away other women's rights, like their right to own their own property or have and create their own wealth? All of those proceeds from her hate-filled books would simply evaporate, and her platform would thus be lost. It is amazing that this woman of incredible privilege would come and state that every member of her gender should not be equal citizens. What's even worse is that there are millions of people who would agree with her.

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