21 July 2007

Summer Reading

With the Haligonian weather being its usual terrible self, I've had a good amount of time for reading lately. As I'm wont to do, here's my latest batch of readings and recommendations.

If you're interested in such topics as America's will to win the war on terror and tyranny, Clausewitz, and whether military personnel should pursue graduate-level education at civilian universities (and I'm looking through the Internet at my old Dal colleague, Rob, here), check out the latest issue of The American Interest. It's a journal that I usually look at online but I had to buy this one so that I could re-read it a couple times after the subscriber-only firewall goes up. It's one of their best issues and has had some very compelling reads.

Beyond that, I'm reading a book about Canadian intelligence services and another on the importance--and limitations--of intelligence in war. The latter is written by John Keegan, a truly fantastic historian whose histories of the world wars ought to be required reading for any aspiring historian/political scientist. I know that they were for me. Good old Nellis.

Also, BB's back posting at the Den, which is awesome.

Finally, think good thoughts for George Bush, as he's getting a colonoscopy. Remember, if it goes horribly, President Dick Cheney.

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