08 December 2008

Irony? Or Just Sheer Hypocrisy

My pal Chucker alerted me to this blog post of Bob Rae's. I'm not sure if it's more amusing, sad, hypocritical, pathetic, or ironic. Perhaps it's a vile combination of "all of the above." But it really does go to show just how readily Liberals in this country are able to contradict themselves.

"The idea of taking away the vote from tens of thousands of grassroots activists in every part of Canada, and reducing the franchise to just 76 men and women seems so out-of-step with the modern world."

This is repugnant to Bob Rae. However, taking away the vote from millions of people in every part of Canada, be they activists, party faithful, independents, libertarians, communists, or any other categorization of people, and reducing the way in which we decide how political power in this country is distributed to 3 men is just hunky-dorey with the modern world.

"Significant portions of the country that didn't elect a Liberal MP would be unable to participate. What about the voice of rural Liberals, of almost all of Western Canada, of Quebeckers outside Montreal? All of these folks would be silenced."

This coming from the coalition's new public champion. It's entirely troublesome to Bob Rae if some Liberals don't get to pick the next leader of the Party, but it's entirely fine that every province outside of Ontario and portions of the Maritimes have their voices from October 14th snuffed out and silenced. What about all of the Conservative supporters who voted for their Party on election day? Do their voices not count in Bob Rae's world?

"What about the Senate? These great Liberals, distinguished Canadians from inside and outside of politics, would have their votes taken away after lifetimes of service."

My heart bleeds so badly for these unelected patronage recipients that they don't get to decide who will lead the Liberal Party. Funny, it's OK that nobody outside the PMO got to decide whether these geezers would get to be in the Senate in the first place. I guess this isn't one of those things that registers on Bob Rae's radar as being "out-of-step with the modern world."

"What about the Party Constitution? The party is preparing a perfectly viable, constitutionally valid plan for holding a one-member-one-vote ballot electronically in mid-January. That's just a few weeks away, and gives us time to prepare for the Conservative budget. It's timely, legal, workable, low-cost, and constitutional."

On this one, he actually has a point. The Liberals have not only made a mockery of the electoral process of Canada, they're so flailing and desperate that they're even flouting their own party's rules and regulations.

I'm appalled at what I've read from Bob Rae. Absolutely appalled. How can anybody take this man seriously when looking at his words in light of his support for the coalition and their botched efforts to seize power from the legitimately elected government of Canada?

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