02 December 2008

Quick Question

As a Western Canadian transplanted in Eastern Canada, should I be, um, concerned about the possibility that the West may feel as though it's being kicked out and may take it badly?


Candace said...

Not yet. The 3 Premiers (Campbell, Stelmach & Wall) have made it clear they won't put up with any crap from Ottawa should the coalition actually happen.

Although I think Dion's performance laid that bad idea to rest, at least until the Liberals get a new leader.

Brian said...

I don't come from a political science background but this week proves emphatically that our political system is highly vulnerable.

Gilles Duceppe and Jacques Parizeau succeeded in spades! Gilles Duceppe did exactly what he broadcasted...he made a fool of the federal system.

1. He leveraged the Bloc to manipulate the Liberals and NDP.
2. He used the leverage to strike at the third federal party the Converatives by undermining the confidence in Harper.
3. He further embarassed the Conservatives by indicating that Harper and Day/Clark had earlier sought agreements with the Bloc - lesser agreements but agreements.
4. The resultant emotional backlash against the coalition created a backlash against the Bloc which is popular in Quebec and divided the country largely on an English/French divide.

No matter what happens to Harper and/or the coalition, Duceppe has succeeded in spectacular fashion. Duceppe seemed like a dud only several months ago.

I don't know that this is particularly a western Canada issue but our current mechanism of forming government encourages this stability by amplifying the effect of Bloc MPs.

I worry more that at least Albertans will realize intellectually that Duceppe has a point that the Candian system is broken.