01 December 2008

Madness Grips Ottawa

The madness continues in our national capital, as not only are there ongoing talks to oust the Tories, we've learned that the two parties that should be kept furthest away from the levers of power in this country have been conniving to gain access to those levers at the earliest available opportunity. The very idea of Jack Layton and Gilles Duceppe throwing our money around like there's no tomorrow is very nearly enough to make me want to throw money at Stephen Harper to stop the idea dead in its tracks. There is so much wrong with what's transpired in the last 72 hours, and they all share an equal part in the blame. As I said in my previous post, if I'm an investor who was looking at plunking some money into Canada, I'm seriously re-considering that idea today.

What the hell happened to the so-called "spirit of cooperation" they promised, they PROMISED, us would emerge in this new Parliament?

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