19 January 2009

I'm Calling for a Moratorium

From this point on, any time I hear the words "Adscam", "Lieberanos" (or other variation), "Liberals stole your money," used as a reason to support Stephen Harper I'm tuning people out. Surely there must be a statute of limitations on the duration that scandalous activities can be used to rhetorically bludgeon your opponents. I think that 5 years is sufficient, particularly when you consider the facts of the situation. It's over, it's done, let's talk about the serious issues facing Canadians today in 2009 rather than attempt to tar Ignatieff (who, as so many of you folks who for whatever reason can't stand him like to point out, wasn't even in the country at the time) with the same brush as Alfonso Gagliano and his ilk.
I was as furious as the next person regarding the misuse of taxpayer dollars during the sponsorship program. It was a gross violation of the public trust, and that the government was ignorant or complicit (depending on the minister) in those affairs was a black mark for all involved. But we've got very serious issues facing this country today, and to fall back on this well-used crutch to support an incompetent government rather than actually examine what all parties are saying reeks of laziness and gutter politics. We can do much better.

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