28 January 2009

The NDP is Not Part of the Solution

Typical blah-blah-blah from a leader of a party that has not, should not, and mercifully will not be allowed near the levers of power in this country:

“Stephen Harper will stay in power because of Michael Ignatieff,” said Mr. Layton, dismissing the Liberal amendment as minimal. “Today we have learned that you can't trust Mr. Ignatieff to oppose Mr. Harper. If you oppose Mr. Harper and you want a new government, I urge you to support the NDP.”

You can talk and talk all you want, Mr. Layton, but your chances of being a productive and contributing part of a "new government" in this country are between . . . well, let's just say that slim got shown the door. Stephen Harper will stay in power for the time being because the alternative means that for six weeks Canadian industries, businesses, and most importantly, people (that last group is the one you're always babbling about protecting) won't get the badly-needed stimulus package they require while you're out with your clown parade show. Mr. Ignatieff will do a fine job opposing Harper and hopefully will replace him in the not-too-distant future, but now is the time for cooperation. Have you even read the budget, sir?

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